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Emperor & Galilean

With Emperor & Galilean now at an end, why not tell us about your experience of it? Put it in our askbox and we’ll post the best ones for everyone to see!

Emperor and Galilean finishes in theatre next week.


This is your last chance to watch the fantastic Emperor and Galilean at the National Theatre, so make sure you see it if you haven’t already or if you have then make sure you see it again! 

E&G finishes August 10th with only 4 more performances left on 8th August at 7pm, 9th August at 12.45pm, 9th August at 7pm and the final performance on August 10th at 7pm. 


Delivered the fanbooks today

Thank you for all of the messages that were sent in! James and Andrew also asked me to thank you on their behalf and they were both really pleased to get the books :D

Reminder about the fanbooks for Andrew & James

We’ve got quite a few things already, so we’ll either be giving them to the guys on Sunday (26th) OR Monday 11th if loads of people suddenly say “Wait, we have things!”

But if we could give them sooner, that’d be great - even if you just want to wish them good luck (a sentence or two), you can just stick it in the ask box (say whether it’s for Andrew, James or both) :D

We’re putting together a fanbook. We’re looking for:

  • letters
  • artwork
  • good luck messages

Send your submissions to fanbook@andrew-scott-online.com or put them in the ask box for either andrew-scott-online or jamesmcardle

Interview with Andrew from The Stage (23/6)

Andrew discusses acting, Emperor & Galilean and Moriarty.

It’s under a “read more” because it’s over 1600 words.

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