Welcome to Andrew Scott Online, the first fan site for the actor Andrew Scott.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the ask box and someone will answer as soon as possible! You can also email info@andrew-scott-online.com

Please note: this site is run by fans and Andrew has no access to it, so he can't answer any questions.


Reminder about the fanbooks for Andrew & James

We’ve got quite a few things already, so we’ll either be giving them to the guys on Sunday (26th) OR Monday 11th if loads of people suddenly say “Wait, we have things!”

But if we could give them sooner, that’d be great - even if you just want to wish them good luck (a sentence or two), you can just stick it in the ask box (say whether it’s for Andrew, James or both) :D

We’re putting together a fanbook. We’re looking for:

  • letters
  • artwork
  • good luck messages

Send your submissions to fanbook@andrew-scott-online.com or put them in the ask box for either andrew-scott-online or jamesmcardle

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