June 2011
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Emperor and Galilean: Video Preview →
Jun 28th
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Delivered the fanbooks today
Thank you for all of the messages that were sent in! James and Andrew also asked me to thank you on their behalf and they were both really pleased to get the books :D
Jun 26th
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Reminder about the fanbooks for Andrew & James
We’ve got quite a few things already, so we’ll either be giving them to the guys on Sunday (26th) OR Monday 11th if loads of people suddenly say “Wait, we have things!” But if we could give them sooner, that’d be great - even if you just want to wish them good luck (a sentence or two), you can just stick it in the ask box (say whether it’s for Andrew, James or...
Jun 24th
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Interview with Andrew from The Stage (23/6)
Andrew discusses acting, Emperor & Galilean and Moriarty. It’s under a “read more” because it’s over 1600 words. Note: You can use this anywhere you like, of course, as it’s freely available in the paper - but please credit me for typing it out and link back here, it did take a quite a while! The emperor’s new prose Andrew Scott is playing the lead role in...
Jun 23rd
moonlighthope28 asked: Hi :3

I was going to put something in the fanbook but I won't have time as my exams are taking priority at the minute and don't finish until after the deadline, would there be any chance i'd be able to find out where you're sending the fanbook too so i could send a letter after?
Jun 17th
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Another set of Emperor & Galilean photos →
From the National Theatre’s Facebook page.
Jun 17th
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Photos from Emperor & Galilean →
This set seems to be just from the first half of the show.
Jun 17th
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Send a message to Andrew!
We’re putting together another fanbook! We’re looking for: handwritten letters artwork cards voice/video messages anything else you can think of that’s suitable Send your submissions to fanbook@andrew-scott-online.com - or if you’re sending a card or handwritten letter, email and ask for the postal address. Anything sent should be single-sided as it’ll be stuck...
Jun 16th
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tess-chan asked: ...Okay, writing so late at night isn't clever xD
Well, I'd like to know if this event "Draw something for Andrew Scott" is over or you're still waiting for more works?
Jun 13th
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Andrew speaks to Official London Theatre about E&G
“Jonathan [Kent, the director] said he’s never come across a bigger part, which made me want to vomit,” says Scott with a grin. “I think it’s because I don’t get much of a rest, I’m on stage quite a bit. But that’s the gig.” In fact Scott has had so many lines to learn that until the morning we meet – six weeks into rehearsals – his head has been unable to hold anything else. “Actually this...
Jun 9th
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Jun 8th